Aamir Khan reveals his first rupee comes when his film’s cost is recovered!

Aamir Khan

Superstar Aamir Khan says he takes a higher cut in movies' benefits since he hazards his chance on ventures. Be that as it may, he does as such simply after the cost of each film is recuperated in each perspective. The on-screen character maker gave out the data on the debut day of the fifth Indian Screenwriters Conference here on Wednesday.

Amid an intuitive session on the subject 'Essayists VS Producers: Can they never be partners?', Aamir Khan was asked: "There is a stressing pattern that now the star has begun taking around 80 percent of the film, not benefit but rather entirely his charges. Despite the fact that he is releasing his charges, it, at last, goes to the on-screen character taking without end 80 percent. In 20 percent how are we going to make an effective film?"

The on-screen character answered: "My first rupee comes to me when the film's cost is recuperated in each perspective after the maker's and every other person's cash is recouped. That is the model I work with, and absolutely, I take a higher cut in the rate since I am taking a chance with my chance on that, and I think makers are content with that as well."

Clarifying the model, he shared: "The model that I chip away at is that, say a film costs Rs 100 crore to make. It comprises of everything – cast, team, generation cost, after creation cost and everything comes in that. I don't take any cash in that. I don't take anything.

"Along these lines, when the film discharges, I get zero cash. Also, as it begins acquiring cash, that cash goes into P and A (Promotions and Advertising), which is far beyond Rs 100 crore. Say P and An is Rs 25 crore, it at that point goes into recuperating that.

"When P and An is recuperated, the maker has recouped his cash, and everyone has their expenses… at that point, I go into the level of benefits. Along these lines, it is highly unlikely that the maker can lose any cash. Also, if for reasons unknown, the film has not recuperated the cash, that it didn't do well, at that point I don't get any cash," he said.

Being a piece of a portion of the notorious movies like "Dangal", "PK", "3 Idiots" and "Lagaan", Aamir Khan trusts that the content assumes an essential part in the achievement of a film.

"I think the content is the establishment (of a film) and I ensure that once I cherish the story and the film is really taking shape, individuals who are putting cash ought not to be in misfortune. I don't enable the maker to bear the duty alone," he said.

He trusts that sharing the duty of making the film monetarily fruitful likewise anchors his profession and assembles trust with the makers and agents of movies.

"I think this is the best plan of action for film and our business on the grounds that in the vast majority of my movies if the maker isn't losing cash, it is nevertheless clear that he will sign me for the following film. That is the reason I generally guarantee that in the event that I am marked in a film, there is no misfortune," he said.

Referring to the case of the 2001 film "Lagaan", Aamir stated: "Since that film was one of the costly movies of that time and was defying plenty of guidelines of standard Indian silver screen and that is the reason I felt the significance of assuming the liability.

"That separated, I know when I go ahead board, makers, and lenders don't address me regarding the matter I decided on a film since they trust me, they have confidence in me. That is the reason I need to guarantee the benefit."

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