Kangana Ranaut Takes Over Manikarnika By Humiliating And Pushing Out The Previous Director?


The controversy over the film Manikarnika is simply heating up day by day. Earlier, it had been the actor Sonu Sood who walked out of the project. And later the actor had a war of words with its lead actress Kangana Ranaut.

Now there are reports that the actress has humiliated the previous director, Krish Jagarlamudi. A source told Deccan Chronicle, “Krish has directed several Telugu blockbusters and historical epics like Gautamiputra Satakarni and Kanche. He was chosen to direct Manikarnika for his large experience. how was he to know that he would be humiliated and pushed out of the project?”

It was slowly that Kangana took over several things regarding the film. “Krish was expelled. She (Kangana Ranaut) gradually took over the project and the producers humbly complied. First, she muscled her approach into the writing, and then the direction. It came to a point wherever Kangana was telling the other actors what to do,” added the source.

Sonu Sood too had left the film citing Kangana’s takeover because of the reason. He had said, “Kangana is a dear friend and she can continuously remain one but this constant playing the woman card, the victim card and making this whole issue regarding male chauvinism is ridiculous. The gender of the director isn't the difficulty. competence is. Let’s not confuse the two.”

Well, this can be interesting to see if the film is ready to release on time after so many hurdles!

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